Safer AI for HSE

Tuesday, Jul 16, 20243:00 PM - 3:45 PM Africa/Abidjan


SaferAI (Safety advancing federated estimation of risk using AI) is a 12-month, £1.64m project focused on the development of a highly comprehensive federated learning model for predicting incident occurrences and risk.


SaferAI is an industry first, enabling world leading consumer goods manufacturer, P&G, to collaborate with a consortium of partners and start-ups to forecast safety incident rates to reduce Health & Safety (H&S) incidents.


The consortium is working together to build predictive systems that identify risk and prevent hazardous events using privacy-preserving machine learning.


On July 16th, join our webinar where speakers will present:

  1. how predictions can be meaningfully and actionable by working at a sufficient level of granularity,
  2. the technology that now exists to do so, enabling game-changing preventative impact at the workgroup level,
  3. how you can be part of this industry leading consortium

Meet our speakers

Eric Topham

CEO, OctaiPipe

Christoph Wagnergillen

Director Global Innovation HSE, P&G

Tom Ormsby

Managing Director, Raiven A.I.

Mark Ormond

Managing Director, Tribe Culture Change

Ivan Scattergood

CTO, OctaiPipe

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